Create the app your users want, faster.

Materialize your dream faster than imagined possible

Launch in weeks, not months

We’ll show you how to immediately start configuring your production application and validate with users.

  • Build beautiful forms-based applications
  • Take innovative risks without incurring sizable costs
  • Instantly change the user experience on any device
  • A proven architecture that’s secure, robust, and scalable

Achieve product market fit faster

Coupled with their deep application security experience and trellispark’s powerful features, we implemented an innovative healthcare MVP solution in 4-weeks and far less cost than any alternative. We have been able to rapidly evolve our product and attract new customers.


Chris Geisler, Founder + CEO

Fluid Scientific Ltd.

Configure a rich, responsive user experience for any device

Create a personalized, modern experience based on:

  • Their role (customer, supplier, member)
  • Lifecycle state
  • The type of data
  • Any other business rules

Intuitive to use and navigate with extensive functionality.

Why does configuration in trellispark accelerate your UX design?

Eliminate hours working Figma mock-ups and instead configure it directly in a functioning app

  • trellispark enables you to quickly configure a fully functional application
  • Eliminate the need for extensive user experience mock-ups, coding, and testing
  • Achieve consensus with business stakeholders faster
  • Configure the styling of your application without waiting for development cycles 

Changes are instantly visible

See the impact of your decisions now, without waiting for a developer to implement them.

  • Low risk and easy to roll back
  • Business analysts and citizen developers can configure the user experience
  • Easily collaborate with your team
  • Rapidly build consensus on requirements in real-time
  • Slash time spent on mock-ups, developing, and testing

Eliminate wasted effort due to miscommunication and assumptions.

Eliminate all the user experience code

Configure your unique user experience without writing any JavaScript or “select” statements.

Reduce the need for developers and testers:

  • Focus on creating high-quality custom workflow
  • Dramatically reduce overall testing

We can support and compliment your team as required with knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Why is configuring in trellispark more efficient than coding?

Configuration is faster, more flexible, and significantly reduces effort and risk.

Over 90%+ of a typical form-based application’s code:

  • Moves data between the screen and database
  • Determines what a user can see and do based on the record state and content, user role, business rule, and device
  • Validates data being entered by a user
  • Provides context for a user to invoke workflow and other automation

This can all be eliminated by configuration along with

  • Endless iterations of meetings, requirements development, coding, and testing
  • Most sources of technical debt

Free your creativity

Explore your ideas without having to conform to rigid system limitations. Effortlessly configure:

  • Any information model
  • Any security model
  • Any user experience
  • On any device

Benefit from an enterprise-grade secure architecture to bring your product to market faster.


Why is configuration in trellispark different?

Other solutions are limited

  • They often provide a canvas editor to drop fields on a simple 2-dimensional form that have a fixed and limited set of form and field types
  • They have very few options to change how the form is rendered
  • You often need to create custom JavaScript code to control how fields are displayed or to enforce business conditions
  • They are based on a hard coded data model and workflow that constrains your application

trellispark is an unlimited and open-ended full-stack configuration engine

  • All the limitations listed on the left are configurable without custom JavaScript code
  • Configure any data and security model 
  • You can easily add new types of fields or forms to trellispark’s configuration model that are fully integrated within your application